About Us

  • Muskaan K.K. Memorial Trust Promote charitable , culture, Spiritual, educations and any other activity for the relief of poor and the education of the needy and to afford medical relief of poor and/ or promote any other object of public utility without distinction of caste; creed religion and race
  • To promote such activity as may result in mental and/or physical well being of the member of the society in general.
  • To support, establish, acquire, run and maintain organization and projects relevant to uplifting and benefiting society as a whole.
    To help and work alongside organization working on socially relevant causes which might include, but not limited to, health, education, unemployment, female emancipation, poverty and host of other social evils.
  • To promote and encourage the study of the Vedas and the propagation of the Vedic science thereof and to establish, acquire maintain and support universities. Institution, collages, vishwavidhalayas, schools, study centers, Libraries and Educational Institutions for teaching of Vedic science;
  • To reach into, explore and establish the co-relation of Vedic science with all other branches of knowledge and disciplines of life;
  • To promote Indian and Vedic culture through various forms of Arts, Architecture, Literature, Dance, Drama, Music, Bhajans etc.
  • To research into and scientifically explore, investing and expound the science of Ayurveda;
  • To assist nation in developing universal friendly relations through science.
  • To promote national integrity, enliven national consciousness, ability, adaptability and the ability to act in accordance with the laws nature, hereby restoring cultural integrity and bringing invincibility to nation.
  • To promote spontaneous integration of knowledge in daily life, awareness to the ground state of natural law for all actions in life. Higher education for everyone to fulfill the natural ability of mankind and to assist in the discovery of the fundamentals of education;
  • To establish and support professorship, fellowships, lecturer ships, scholarship, Loan scholarship and prizes in any school, collage, university, vidalaya and any other educational institutions.
  • To establish and maintain hostel and or boarding houses and to grant free boarding and lodging to deserving student upon such terms and for such periods as the trustees may think fit.
  • To take over the management and administration of any educational institutions already established with all their assets and liabilities;
  • To establish and maintain Ayurvedic hospital, dispensaries, collages, Universities Research centers, to provide surgical and other medical or surgical appliance or remedial treatment in any hospitals, sanatoriums or convalescents institutions;
  • To purchase and/or cultivate medicinal plants, herbs etc and prepare Ayurvedic medicines for the benefits of mankind.
  • To undertake promote and learning of Ayurvedic medicines.
  • To accept any donations, gifts or other transfers to the trust of any of any immovable properties or other assets which would assist in the implementation of or the furtherance of any of the trust or carrying out any such objects or purposes.
  • To undertake, sponsor, establish execute any trusts, society, institutions foundations, endowments and/or funds that may be inductive of any or all of the objects of the trust.
  • To subscribe, contribute and/or donation to any public fund or institutions established for promotion of chargeable purpose with such conditions as the trustee shall think fit;
  • To sponsor, undertake, establish and execute any trust, endowment fund for the purpose of providing relief on occasion of national calamities like earthquakes, fire tornadoes, famines epidemics and floods or for any other purpose which may seem desired and which in law is charitable within the meaning of the provision of the income tax act,1961.
  • To apply the funds of the trust for the advancement of any other objects of general public utility;
  • To undertake and promote any activity that will enabled the trust's program to the self sufficient including the activity of Agriculture, Horticulture, Dairy farming, bee farming or conducting Household, cottage and small scale industries, Khadi udhyog Architectural and constructional activities etc. with the sole motive of bringing fulfillment to be object of the trust and without any profit motive.
  • To promote balanced rural development by implementing such themes or programmes either individually or with the help of other institutions, organization, Govt. and semi Govt. Departments which pay benefit rural inhabitants of India.
  • To do or perform any other act which may be incidental or ancillary attainment of any of the objects of the trust.